January 2020

Title:- Magnetic Confinement Using Multiscale Retinex Nuclear Fusion Comparative Study Based Image Enhancement download
Authors:- Indu Sharma, Dr. Chandikaditya kumawat, Dr. V.K. Panchal, Sania Kukkar

Title:- Performance Analysis of Fuzzy c-means, Mountain and Subtractive Clustering Techniques download
Authors:- Jyoti Arora, Meena Tushir

Title:- Design of an Automatic Image Detection Algorithm for On-tree Green Citrus Fruit download
Authors:- Jigar A. Soni, Hetal N. Patel 

Title:- Design and Development of Kinematic Analysis System download
Authors:- Yaswanth T, Nandini pandey

Title:- Comparison of OOK, BPSK, QPSK, 8-PSK and PAM-16 for Optical Wireless for Weak Atmospheric Turbulence download
Authors:- Archit Arora, Karan, Priyanka Bhardwaj

Title:- Analysis of Boost Converter for Improvement of Solar System Performance using Closed Loop System download
Authors:- Prasannati A. Kulkarni, Suresh P. Deshmukh

Title:- A Study on Big Data in Health Care Industry download
Authors:- Shivani Jain, Alankrita Aggarwal

Title:- Machine Learning to Limit the Spread of Misinformation download
Authors:- Shreya Ghai,Bhulakshmi Bonthu

Title:- Early Detection Of Glaucoma Using SVM download
Authors:- M.Senthil Vadivu, Padmanabhan Rohineesh Dharan, Uthraa R Y, Sathish Kumar V, Anbuselvan D

Title:- Linux Cloud Lab: Establishing A Private Cloud download
Authors:- Bijoy Chhetri, Abhimanyu Sharma, Neha Thapa, Bhuwan Mukhia