Journal of Multi Disciplinary Engineering Technologies, Vol. 14, Issue 1

Paper Title: Analysis of Boost Converter for Improvement of Solar System Performance using Closed Loop System

Authors: Prasannati A. Kulkarni, Suresh P. Deshmukh

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Abstract: Whole world now a days is facing the energy crisis and problems due to depleting energy sources like coal, diesel and nuclear reserves. Day by day all types of consumers have to search for the sources which will be non-pollutants, easily available, and almost less or free of cost. Answer for this is, better to move towards renewables, like solar, wind, tidal, biogas, biomass and small hydro. In tropical countries where abundant sunshine is there, solar source becomes one of the prominent and readily available energy sources. Many other non-conventional and renewable sources are in use but due to numerous advantages of solar source, it is widely used over others. Solar system is used in many high as well as low voltage applications. Between solar module and load, power interface is required to raise or reduce the voltage level. And for this conversion converters are used. Converters are normally used in open loop mode to give the solar yield. If a closed loop system is opted for getting better output then definitely efficiency of the solar system will increase. Also, a proper and suitable converter topology with a solar operated load and MPPT method will again give a better efficiency with accurate and regulated solar yield. This paper focuses on MATLAB SIMULINK based PI controller working with boost converter and its comparative analysis with different values of insolation and heat levels. Also, few important and useful maximum power point methods are explained in brief, which are also known as control algorithms for solar operated structure.

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