Journal of Multi Disciplinary Engineering Technologies, Vol. 14, Issue 1

Paper Title: A Study on Big Data in Health Care Industry

Authors: Shivani Jain, Alankrita Aggarwal

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Abstract: With the development in health care industry, more and more healthcare data are being collected from different sources. Extracting, maintain and used further for analysis is a complex task in the health care industry. Health care data is generated enormously every bit of a second analyze that data is difficult by any conventional methods so data big data gain interest among the research communities. Big data is a viable solution to solve these problems. In this paper, authors give an overview of the big data possibility in healthcare domain. It outlines the 5V’s of big data in health care and a brief description about how data is generated from different sources and processed though the big data software and how these processes are performed. We have also summarized few of the software tools used for health care domain. At last, discussed the challenges faced to process health care data efficiently.

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