Vol. 11 Issue 2, July 2017

Title:- A 2-bit Current-mode ADC based on the Flipped Voltage Follower Technique download
Authors:- Veepsa Bhatia, Neeta Pandey

Title:- Green Synthesis of Some Benzylidenes download
Authors:- B. Sahu , J. Nandan

Title:- Declining Electrical Problems via Nanotechnologydownload
Authors:- Puneet Chawla,  Priya Dhuria

Title:- Photomask Fabrication: Designing of Test Structuredownload
Authors:- Shweta Singh, Mamta Mittal, Ayush Sharma,Aakash Saini

Title:- E-Learning: Trends, Technologies, and Challengesdownload
Authors:- Mamta Mittal, Neetu Goyal

Title:- Ability Grouping: The Utilitarian Approach for Teaching English to Engineering Studentsdownload
Authors:- Ruchi Sehgal