Vol. 3 Issue 1, July – December 2008

Title:- Performance Modelling and Behavior Analysis of Coal Handling System of a Thermal Power Plantdownload
Authors:- Sorabh Gupta, P.C Tewar, Avadhesh Kumar Sharma

Title:- Design of Steel Chimneys: A Reviewdownload
Authors:- Manoj Kr Gupta, V.K Bajpai, T.K Garg

Title:- Design of a Roof-Top Solar-Wind Hybrid System with a Solar Still for an Urban Residential Building in Delhidownload
Authors:- Krishan Kant Sharma, Manu Sharma, B.S. Bilgi

Title:- Effect of Machinig Parameters on the Surface Roughness in Grinding of Solicon Carbide using Taguchi’s Methoddownload
Authors:- D.S. Bilgi, P.R Kulkarni, A.T. Pise

Title:- Extending the Native File System Functionality for Data Compression using Vnode Stackingdownload
Authors:- Mandar Karyakarte, Suhas Patil, R K Prasad

Title:- Arithmetic Compression of Imagesdownload
Authors:- S.L Lahudkar, R.K. Prasad