Vol. 2 Issue 1, July – December 2006

Title:- Identification and Evaluation of Land-Cover Classifications from Remotely Sensed Data using Fuzzy-C-Means Algorithmdownload
Authors:- Surekha Dudhani, A.K Sinha

Title:- A New Wavelet Based Algorithm for Image Denoising and Compressiondownload
Authors:- Munish Rattan, Neelu Jain, Manjeet Singh

Title:- Analysis of Irreversible Radiative Heat Engines under Maximum Efficient Power Conditionsdownload
Authors:- Govind Maheshwari, Ashutosh Mehta, S.K. Somani

Title:- Models for the evaluation of routing and machine flexibilitydownload
Authors:- A.K Madan, Yatin Dhingra

Title:- A New Design for a Microcontroller Based AC Voltage Relaydownload
Authors:- Saurabh Chopra

Title:- Programming a Clustered Systemdownload
Authors:- Virendra V. Bagade, Savita Kadam, Sonali Kadam, Pallavi Rege

Title:- Pitfalls in Minimum-Process Coordinated Checkpointing protocols for Mobile Distributed Systemsdownload
Authors:- R K Chauhan, Parveen Kumar
Title:- Checkpointing Distributed Applications on Mobile Computersdownload
Authors:- R K Chauhan, Parveen Kumar, R K Jaryal