Vol. 1 Issue 1, July- Dec 2005

Title:- Intelligent Condition Monitoring & Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motor
Authors:- Prof. S.P Gupta, Prof. Vinod Kumar

Title:- Artificial Intelligence Applications to Power Systemdownload
Authors:- Dr. Y.R. Sood, O.P Rahi, Dr. R.C chauhan

Title:- An Evaporative Heater using Solar Energydownload
Authors:- Krishan Kant Sharma, Manu Sharma, S.P. Sabbarwal

Title:- Persistent Location Management in AdHoc Networks
Authors:- Kapil Sundrani, Lalit Kumar Awasthi

Title:- Comparative Performance of Some Center-adjustment Clustering Algorithms
Authors:- Shri Kant, S.S khan, P.K. Saxena

Title:- Message Logging & Checkpointing in Mobile Computingdownload
Authors:- Lalit Kumar, Parveen Kumar, R.K Chauhan

Title:- A low overhead Non Intrusive Hybrid Synchronous Checkpointing Protocols for Mobile Systems
Authors:- Lalit Kumar, Parveen Kumar, R.K Chauhan

Title:- Design and Energy Performance Simulation of Content Addressable Memory by Dual-Threshold CMOS technology
Authors:- D.Mukhopadhyay, Niladri Naryan Mojumder

Title:- Internet Enabled Solar PV Design and Expert System
Authors:- N.D Kaushika, Anil K. Rai, Kshitij Kaushik

Title:- Estimation of Sunlight Entering a Room by Reflection through a North Window for the month of December in Delhi
Authors:- Krishan Kant Sharma, Manu Sharma, N.D Kaushik

Title:- EU-ASIA Link Project on Sustainable Built Environment
Authors:- N.D Kaushik, S.S Mali, J.S Inamdar