Vol. 5 Issue 2, July 2011

Title:- A Review on Dielectric Elastomer and its Application download
Authors:- Anjani Kumar Singh, O P Thakur

Title:- Co-axial Feed to Circular Patch: A Parametric Studydownload
Authors:- Sumanta Kumar Kundu, Umesh Chandra Singh

Title:- Choice of Mother Wavelet for Image Compressiondownload
Authors:- Rubeena Vohra, Akash Tayal

Title:- Improved Biodiesel Production from Feedstocks of Very High Free Fatty Acid and Process Optimization with Transesterificationdownload
Authors:- Rajiv Chaudhary, S. Maji,Naveen Kumar, P. B. Sharma, R C Singh

Title:- Robustness of Modulation Formats Including Amplifier Noise With and Without Dispersion Compensation Fiber at 10 Gbps Transmission Linkdownload
Authors:- Manisha Bharti