Vol. 7 Issue 1, January 2013

Title:- Performance Of An Evaporative Cooling System In An Enclosure Over The Roof-top Of An Air Conditioned Building With A Microcontroller Based Controller download
Authors:- Krishan Kant Sharma, Ruchi Sharma

Title:- A Novel Approach For Annotating Images By Semantic Similarity & Keyword Based Association Analysis Payal Gulatidownload
Authors:- A.K.Sharma

Title:- Simulation And Futuristic Planning Of Water Pipe Network System Of A Semiurban Hilly Area Using Epanetdownload
Authors:- Bhaskar Bhattacharjee, Jayanta Nag, Samarendra Singh,M. Chandrasekaran, Shibayan Sarkar

Title:- Three Visionary Womendownload
Authors:- Vanita Jain

Title:- Thermodynamic Analysis Of Three Stages Cascade Vapour Compression Refrigeration System For Biomedical Applicationsdownload
Authors:- R. S. Mishra