Vol. 3 Issue 2, Jan – June 2009

Title:- Implementation of a Transparent Peripheral Component Interconnect(PCI) Bridge using FPGAdownload
Authors:- P.B. Mane and S.M. Jagdale

Title:- Design of CMOS Analog Signal Multiplier using Differential Difference Current Conveyordownload
Authors:- D.K. Mishra, Aftab Beig

Title:- Application of Microstrip Discontinuities to Design a Low Pass Filterdownload
Authors:- Dhirendra Kumar, N.S Ragava, Asok De

Title:- Supervised Learning Based Image Coding Technique using Artificial Neural Networksdownload
Authors:- S.R. Patil, T.R. Sonatakke

Title:- A Modern Technique to Secure Real Time Digital Videosdownload
Authors:- Prakash Devale, Mr. Pritesh Patil