Vol. 1 Issue 2, Jan – July 2006

Title:- Energy Savings Measure in Street Lightingdownload
Authors:- S.S Inamdar, Mamta Sharma, Krishan Kant Sharma

Title:- High Resolution Faraday Angle Measurements of VHF Signals from Low Orbit Satellitesdownload
Authors:- N D Kaushik, Chandra Shekar

Title:- Computer Optimized Manufacturing using Push-Pull for Multiple Products Industriesdownload
Authors:- Prof. A.K Madan

Title:- Design of a New Software Based Block Encryption Scheme(BES)
Authors:- Meena Kumari

Title:- Finite Time Thermodynamic Optimization of an Irreversible Heat Engine Coupled to Variable Temperature Reservoirsdownload
Authors:- Govind Maheshwari, Ashutosh Mehta, Sharad Chaudhary, Sunil K. Somani

Title:- Comparison of Distance Vector and Link State Routing Algorithmsdownload
Authors:- Yashpal Singh, Dr. M.K Soni