August 2019

Title:- Training Machine to Classify Severity of Diseases download
Authors:- Kirtika Yadav, Reema Thareja 

Title:- Performance analysis of single gate strained Si, Si-Ge on insulator MOSFET in TCAD download
Authors:- Sunil Kumar, Baldev Raj 

Title:- A Modified Configurable Cell for Complex Function Realization in PFSCL Style download
Authors:- Neeta Pandey, Abhishek Tyagi 

Title:- CDR based Customer profiling using Big Data download
Authors:- Rajesh Kumar, Bhavneesh Tyagi 

Title:- Audio Classification of Underwater Mammals using Convolutional Neural Network download
Authors:- Monika Aggarwal, Shivangi Roy

Title:- Text Extraction Simplified Using Block Through OCRdownload
Authors:- Vishal Sharma, Neha Agarwal

Title:- A Hybrid Approach of Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm and Fuzzy Bit Plane Thresholding Using FDPSO for Image Segmentation download
Authors:- Indu Sharma, ChandiKaditya Kumawat, V.K Panchal

Title:- Multi-Core Currency: Guarantees and Confrontsdownload
Authors:- Rakhee Chhibber, Dr. Chandikaditya Kumawat

Title:- Anticipation of Heart Disease Using Machine Learning Algorithms Optimized by Feature Optimizationdownload
Authors:- Jishnu Bhardwaj, Preeti Nagrath