Vol. 12 Issue 2, Aug- Dec 2018

Title:- Design of Power Efficient 4:2 Compressors Using PFAL and Modified PFAL Adiabatic Logic Families download
Authors:- A. Mann, N. Malhotra, K. Gupta, N. Pandey

Title:- ARWAK: An Augmented Reality Wordbook Smartphone App for Kindergartenersdownload
Authors:- D. Jain, A. P. Patil, D. J. Nawal, P. Chakraborty

Title:- Why Data Analytics is so Important in this Contemporary World?download
Authors:- A. Jain, G. Mitra

Title:- Brain Tumour Segmentation using U-Net Based Fully Convolutional Networksdownload
Authors:- P. Garg, L. Nanda, S. Kohli

Title:-Blockchain Technology: Decentralized Storage to Protect Privacydownload
Authors:- R. Thaney, V. Mishra, G. Mishra

Title:- Cloud Computing Paradigm: A realistic option for the Business Organizations – A studydownload
Authors:- S. Khan