Journal of Multi Disciplinary Engineering Technologies, Vol. 14, Issue 2

Paper Title: Variables Performance Impact on the Solvency Position of Selected Private Banks in Ethiopia

Authors:Durga Prasad Tapeswarapu, Tarekegn Tariku Ebissa

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Abstract: Financial variables are a key role of the promotion of business organizations but some financial variables are active some financial variables are inactive so the present study will focus on which variables are playing the key role of promoting stability, profitability, the solvency of the banking sector. Here the study analyzing the key variable purpose adopt correlation and multiple regression model. So here the bankometer formula considers as dependent variables, and Business size, Asset management, operational efficiency considers as the independent variable. In the overall study examine and find three dependent variables out of six variables is predictive on independent variables, the remaining three variables do not influence on independent variables. The end of the report said that Equity to total assets, Loan to Assets, and Capital Adequacy ratio performance will depend upon Business Size, Asset Management, and Operational Efficiency.

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