Journal of Multi Disciplinary Engineering Technologies, Vol. 14, Issue 2

Paper Title:Preventing Black Hole Attack in AODV Routing Protocol using Periodic Trust Handshake Based Malicious Behavior Detection Mechanism

Authors:Bhawna Singla, A. K. Verma, L. R. Raheja

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Abstract: Detection of black hole is a challenging task. Further, isolating such malicious nodes from communication is also a great challenge. Several previous works addresses trust based model for detection and prevention of malicious nodes. Trust based models will consume time to study the neighbor transmissions and will try to identify trustable nodes based on their data forwarding behavior. But this approach will need considerable quantity of time to identify malicious nodes by constantly monitoring the traffic of the neighbor nodes. Another drawback of existing model is, false positives – that is, the standard trust based detection mechanisms may wrongly mark a trustable node as non-trustable node if that node, by chance, is not participating in communication even without any bad intention. To avoid false positives, and to improve the detection accuracy, in this work, we propose the use of a Periodic Trust Handshake mechanism. Our Periodic Trust Handshake based detection mechanism will detect the malicious nodes very quickly in a short time military rescue like MANET scenario without much increase in overhead. To prove its better working, we simulated a MANET short time communication scenario and measured the performance of standard AODV with and without black hole attack and compared it with our Periodic Trust Handshake based Trust AODV (PTH-AODV) protocol in terms of different metrics. The proposed PTH-AODV will use a Periodic Trust Handshake mechanism for the reliable detection of malicious behavior in MANET.

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