Journal of Multi Disciplinary Engineering Technologies, Vol. 14, Issue 2

Paper Title: Analysis of traffic characteristics at signalized crossings of the city of Shivamogga

Authors: Ragini G S, Akshatha M

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Abstract: Signalized intersections are given in traffic network systems to improve the effectiveness of vehicular and pedestrian movements. A digital timer indicating the staying red and green time and are regularly embraced in India. The behavior of traffic in the heterogeneous condition of an urban signalized junction is complex. The study is to investigate the parameters which impact the traffic characteristics on countdown timer at signalized intersection under mixed conditions. The investigation is taken by collecting data using videography technique at two signalized junctions of the city. Total of two different approaches was studied in both timers on and off condition. The result observed that saturation flow is not affected by signal timer and start-up loss time (at Mahaveera circle 2.5 to 1.9 and at Shivamurthy circle 3.4 to 2.9sec) reduced in presence of timer.

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